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  Pledge of success

Exhibitions we participated in
  The first step in promotion of the firm became the exhibition VinMoldova 2000, which was held in February 2000, just after the establishment of the firm. Being the first manufacturer of winemaking equipment, we aroused interest of many experts in this domain

  Then we participated in other exhibitions, either in Moldova, or abroad.
    VINMOLDOVA 2000, February 2000
    VINMOLDOVA 2001, 14-17 February 2001
    VINMOLDOVA 2002, 20-23 February 2002
    EXPOVIN MOLDOVA 2003, 19-22 February 2003

The countries where we delivered and plan to deliver our products
  First of all, our basic clients are local manufacturers of wine, which after they had fully updated their equipment managed to achieve the best results as regards the quality of their products.
  Naturally, our success cannot be limited only to local manufacturers; therefore we decided to present our products on the foreign markets.

About our clients (briefly about their wines and achieved success)
  Joint Venture FABBRI-INOX SRL is the unique manufacturer of winemaking equipment in the Republic of Moldova. This equipment is produced according to the French technology (France is one of the largest world-wide known manufacturers of wine). Therefore, our purpose is to raise the Moldovan winemaking branch to a higher level.
   Working already for several years, we managed to install our new equipment in many well-known wineries in Moldova and abroad.
  For instance, the company LION-GRI was completely equipped by Fabbri-Inox. Within three years, participating in many national and international exhibitions, the firm won 27 gold medals, 19 silver, 15 bronze medals and was awarded special diplomas.
   Special offer


Manufacture of high-quality extracted wines with the preliminary vacuum processing of grapes...


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